Time Management

“The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.”

According to Wikipedia, time is indefinite, was and will always be. But for you it’s really important to know how to use it, since our lives are not infinite. In this blogpost we’ll tell you the dos and don’ts of time management.

Under musts, we consider the actions you must fulilfor long-term survival such as eating, cleaning, making money, etc.

In order to live your live satisfiedly, you must spend time in completing these actions.

If you sit at your desk, trying to come up with something meaningful to write and you don’t get anything done, you’re wasting your time. That’s what this blog post is all about.

If you are not focused on the task that’s in front of you, you will not succeed. You need to put all your available resources into whatever you’re doing at that moment. Don’t think of tomorrow while doing something important right now.

For example making money.
It is essential in our world. You won’t get far without it.
It is true. Everyone needs to make money. But it is up to you and your lifestyle how much money you want/need to make. If you’re young, you can make small amounts of money with small input. But if you want to get more money, you most probably need to work harder.

You always need to ask yourself if the outcome is worth the trouble. You have to set your own priorities. Look at what’s important to you. From that point on, you need to judge for yourself if your current activity makes your future better or not. It’s that simple!

There’s only one really important rule when talking about time management in photography:

Don’t waste your time. Time is the most valuable and important Ressource you can have as photographer and / or human being.

Don’t waste your time with watching TV or playing video games: you should use your resources to do things that will make you proud of yourself. Taking photos, or creating artwork will be little achievements that will remind you of your creativity and your skills.

When you think: “Watching TV is such a futile action”, but you are still sitting on your couch and watching TV, you did something wrong. You have to motivate yourself every single day to keep pushing, to keep doing and to keep creating. Because, when you stop pushing, stop doing and stop creating, your creativity and your capabilities will be lost.

The next don’t is: don’t procrastinate. An old German proverb says: “Was du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen.”, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” or “A stitch in time saves nine.”.

The last and most important don’t is: don’t give up! Always keep going. Whether it is in school, work or free time, set your own goals, try to achieve them and don’t be too sad if you don’t.


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