Camera Comparison: CANON

Important notice: we have used cameras of all the three companies and these evaluations are based on our own experiences.

In this series, we’ll compare the three major camera brands by evaluating them. The second brand we’ll compare in this series is Canon, a major camera producer.

Brand name associations

Canon is a brand founded in 1937 in Japan. Ever since, they’ve been producing cameras and photography accessories.

Overall targeted group

As with Nikon, Canon offers cameras in every price tag and quality. Everyone is provided with the equipment they need.


Overall build quality plus handling

After reading some reviews, we could conclude that the overall build quality and handling of most Canon cameras is quite good. Whether you have big or small hands, you can press all the buttons and use the camera without any restrictions.


Lens accessibility

Canon offers every lens you can possibly imagine. But they have a large variety in quality and price.


Brand accessories

As in the case with most high-end cameras, Canon offers good accessories for a very high price. Canon offers whatever an ambitious photographer needs, from camera grips, up to flashes and bags.


Third party accessories

Third party accessories are available at various price tags. They provide the user with good-value equipment.


Overall price/value

In an overall comparison, Canon offers nearly the same price for value than Nikon: They both are not as heavily overpriced as for example Leica cameras. However, they garantee a long-time use, for an affordable price with a good outcome.


Innovative? (marketing approach) up-to-date?

Canon is a little more advanced with gimmicks, than Nikon, though sony still has a lead in this category. Things as live-view are still not present on Nikon cameras up to this day.



After a brief familiarisation phase, most Canon cameras are easy to use and all the buttons are accessible with only one hand. Canon’s beginner cameras also offer a flip-out screen and live-view, which simplify the user experience.


On an average, the Canon cameras have achieved a score of 8,1/10. (Wait for the conclusion blopost!) 

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