We’ll start this blogpost by enumerating some of the “Why we like goals”:

Goals are like a personal motivation.

You set them for yourself and respect them. By following and completing your goals, you earn satisfaction. For example, if you work out every day before work/school for a period of time, you will feel great after completing your workout. 


First up,

you’ll realize you did something for your body and health altogether. Second thing is, you have a headstart over most people in your environment. You’ve achieved something while the rest of the world was still sleeping. You’ve done something productive before most people’s day even started.

If you’ve

figured out your goal, you’ve probably worked out your perfect plan to get there. That’s great!  But you should always have a backup plan up your sleeve in case your masterplan doesn’t work.

Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods.

As we already said before,

it’s important to take your time when setting goals, because you shouldn’t choose the wrong ones. However, when we say you should be flexible about your methods, we think of choosing different ways to achieve your objectives.

The only thing,

that’s really important, is to hit your goals, even though the methods you used are different. 

Let’s continue with some of the “Why we don’t like goals”: 

Deadlines put us under pressure.

Whether you call them deadlines, goals, aims or objectives, they all mean the same thing: A goal is the objective of a person’s ambitions or efforts. According to this definition, you need to have clear ambitions and make constant efforts to achieve the goals you’ve chosen for yourself. 

The problem comes up at a specific moment,

when a person puts itself under enorm pressure, just to achieve an objective, caused by our modern society. A perfect example for this statement would be a person, who decided to loose weight despite not being overweight at all. In this scenario, the person would put itself under enorm pressure just to achieve an unjustified goal. 

It can be dangerous to set the wrong goals

As we already said before, it can get very dangerous to set the wrong goals. When your goals are too specific, it may happen that you’ll have problems to achieve them. Another common mistake when setting goals is to choose unrealistic objectives. You should take your time to reflect about what makes your happy and what you want to improve and only then start to think about possible goals for the future. 

Goals kill your creativity and provoke cheating

When we say goals kill your creativity and provoke cheating, we mean that the wrong goals may lead you to cheating. When your objectives are too hard to achieve, you’ll probably start to search for new methods to hit them. 

So what should you do?

Choose realistic and especially practicable goals, so that you don’t even think of cheating…

We hope this blogpost was inspiring, if so, please leave a comment and until next time 🙂


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